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I came across some articles written by this guy:… and started scratching my head. How can anybody write like that?! He makes no sense at all?! Wtf is this?… - appears to have been totally random, without motive or reason. No racial or political undertones here, just random shooting into a crowd in a darkened movie theater. With a semi-automatic handgun.
It's happened before, of course, but the question still remains: why, and more importantly, until when?
The perpetrator, (identity not given yet, but known), had a criminal record. Why do we let a known criminal exercise the right 'to keep and bear arms'?
Doesn't this need to stop? Or is praying for the victims gonna fix it?
And of course this is commonplace:…
Obama says that "common sense gun safety laws" in the US is the greatest frustration of his presidency:…
Well, I found this TV/monitor in the garbage yesterday, not as scratch on it and it works...WOOT- Emoticon sort of.
The problem is that after running for a while (could be 3 minutes or 2 hours) it flickers (entire screen - no artifacts) and goes black - if I turn it off and on again, it works for a few seconds and then goes black again. I'm using it as a computer monitor. I've tried HDMI and RGB connections and the RGB surprisingly gives much better results. The quality is unexpectedly good actually. I did open the thing (tricky) and tried to unplug/replug the connectors, since it really looks like a contact problem: screen warms up and fails. (Runs longer when cold).
Now my idea is to try to re-flow some soldering joints, but it might be a capacitor issue too from what I've read, but wouldn't that cause digital noise?

-any thoughts from the more tech-minded is appreciated :D
Of all the names they could have chosen... "Edge".…

They started with "Spartan" but nooo, they had to be e d g y and super-cool just like their new icons and graphics. Flat.
XP had cooler graphics when it was still in beta:… :/      

So let's see what MS can do with their new browser... Sarcasm Sign - Emoticon…
The U.S. is a bit unique in having a Federal,
as well as a State legal system, even federal and state governments, some
states even having their own constitutions. Of course Australia, Canada and
other nations have similar structures, but central governmental decision prevails.

It's easy to see the potential for conflict between these two
systems, even confusion and one can start to wonder if this is really an ideal
way to do things:………

So I'm interested in what people here think...

Print Account

Wed Jun 29, 2005, 12:44 AM
A good print account being so important...

-I'm putting the visual styles on the back burner just now and concentrating on setting up my print account-(also because I have to buy the software first, lol-but I'll get back to it.:))

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